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November 25th, 2012


Hi guys

I'm moving so i need to get rid of some of my stuff

sailor moon first edition manga 1, 4, 13 $1 each
sailor moon chinese edition vol 11 $1.00
fushigi yuugi chinese vol 1 and 2 $1.00
ayashi no ceres vol 14 in english $4.00
sailor v manga japanese vol 2- $1.00
Pita Ten Artbook- $25
CLAMP X artbook 25 each. 45 for both.
CLAMP VEGA artbook 25
OTOMEN english manga vol 1-3.  each comic $3

shipping depends on where you live.

please help a fellow moonie out =))

if interested please email me so.loretta@gmail.com

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January 21st, 2012

(no subject)


Selling the whole set for 20
or 2 for each book

saiunkoku monogatari in japanese vol 1 and 2
both in great condition!  2 each.

hakuouki shinsengumi kitan manga in japanese
in great condition.  2

otomen vol 1, 2, 3 in english
3 each. 5 for all 3.

fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden
vol 1, 2, 3, 4 in japanese
i have 2 sets of vol 3
each 2
vol 1 and 2 in chinese
2 each

October 16th, 2010

prince demande

I just signed up for an account at pixiv to look at all those pretty pictures by various japanese artist!!  Does anyone else us pixiv?  If so how do I upload pictures??

anyways I stumbled on the link below on this artist pixiv account.  If anyone likes prince demande click on the link below...
im sooooo inspired to draw him right now =) he looks sooooooo goood!!!!!!! 


September 30th, 2010

garage sale



Doujinshi and art books..

im super broke so I decided to sell some of my books...i can negotiate..

naruto doujinshi all normal

15 each

bleach and final fantasy doujinshi 15 each

X art book 30 each

gundam wing doujinshis 20 each minus the since bach 1 through 3 that i will sell for 40

if interested or drop your best price email me at so.loretta@gmail.com

June 26th, 2010


I'm short on cash and need to get rid of some stuff...kind of sad to let some of them go but I think its time to share the love!!

Below are my doujinshis for sale all are in great condition! Most of these i paid wayy too much to get them but I'm sure we've all been there.

The first row and the first on the second row are all usagi x mamoru doujinshi by dolce

I'll sell all 4 together for $50.  Stories include all the senshi, helios, chibi-usa, shittenhou, and of course serenity and endymion.  Lots of serious stories and gags.  The pages range from 20 to 60 at most.  I got them for alot more so its a pretty good deal.  Shipping depends where you live and of course you can also offer me your best price.  If you prefer one book msg me and I'll give you a price probably between 15 to 20 at most.

The last two on the second row are seiya x usagi doujinshi.  Both semi-serious with beautiful art.  The one with all the little seyias and usagi is like an alternate universe where prince seiya meets serenity.  Second one is a short story of usagi and seiya at school.  I'm selling each for 20.

first row: Gundam wing (relena x heero) since 1-3, 4, 5 Selling them together for 60 or individually for 35, 20, 20

The last one on the first row is a relena x heero doujinshi novel by aqua kajika ono- selling for 10

2nd row: naruto (sasuke, naruto, sakura serious story) for 15.  Bleach (rukia x bakuya) beautiful art (serious story)  last 2 are rinoa and squall from (final fantasy viii)  yes they are still one of my favoriate couples.  Both beautiful art and in great condition.  15 each.

Sorry I'm just tying this out cuz im in a rush but if you have any questions or if you want to offer me a price just email me at so.loretta@gmail.com or you can leave me a comment.

October 18th, 2009

new artwork and project!


I have a few new drawings up on deviantart. check it out.

also Ladymax will be hosting my project on her site since I know nothing about site making!! THANK YOU A TON LADY MAX for helping the technically impaired!

I have the first 2 pages for my doujinshi.  I'll post them later tonight.  I revamped the first page since alot of people had issues with the nose and finished the second page today.  I'm still playing around with the programs so hopefully after a while I'll get use.  Secondly my doujinshis jus soly based on the silver millenium...if you guys have any suggestions or ideas of what you want to see let me know!



final venus/mars





June 29th, 2009

new art


June 22nd, 2009

doujinshis for sale!


  pages- between 30 to 40
  I'm pricing it at 45...cuz you have noooo idea how much i had to pay to get it and ship it and everything.  I happen to have an extra one...n all i gata say is that even though I paid a crap load of money...it was worth it =)

Especially if you love this pairing.  Mei is most def one of the best doujinkas out there!  Basically the book covers the anime when seiya goes "am i not good enough..."  =)

Shipping should be no more then 5 if you live in the USA

Top left to right:

Sakura x Sasuke
by Yubiwa
apx: 11 pgs
$ 12
It takes place when Sasuke leaves.  Beautiful art!

Sakura x Sasuke
apx: 15 pgs
Sasuke main

Sakura x Kakashi
apx: 13 p
I bought it in Japan.  I'm not lke a huge sakura x kakashi fan...but I bought it for the art.  Its really nice.

Final Fantasy VIII
Cross Heart
rinoa x squall
apx: 20 pages

Final Fantasy VIII
What is Love?
Rinoa x Squall
apx: 18 pages

Rukia x Bakuya
apx: 16 pages
I bought it for the art.  Its really nice and it takes place during that whole saving Rukia arc.

Gundam Wing
Relena x Herro
(left to right)

Another Dream
apx: 40 pgs
$ 25

Truest Words
apx: 40 pgs
$ 25

Mother Blue
apx 25 pgs

apx: 30 pgs

my doujinshi collection

I still love each and everyone of these pairings!  Some things I may consider selling buttt majority no... I'll make another post for the ones I will be selling.

 Usagi x Seiya

You don't want to know...how much I spent.  But I love each and every one of them!

Fragrant Olive and Rainy Roof

 Usagi x Mamoru

All of them by Dolce


   Relena x Heero
Most by Bambi Takada and Mania Think Tank Nigata


The back of the only Aqua doujinshi I have....

I got it when I was in Japan and Kajika Ono was nice enough to send one to my cousin who was living there.

I'd like more of her stuff...but they're hard to come by...and expensive...

Aoshi x Misao

Still love them!  Got these ages ago...

Never found any work better than these though..

  Sesshoumaru x Rin

I have a few more...other interest including

squall x rinoa
sakura x sauke
rukia x bleach

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